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Gamifying the Classroom with Classcraft, Week 3!

I know, I know…my millions (okay tens) of dedicated readers were scratching their heads yesterday, wondering, where is this week’s Classcraft blog post? I do apologize. Many things kept me from getting it written this weekend and then yesterday was our grade’s field trip to Atlanta (there’s definitely a blog post there) so I didn’t get it written. My apologies!! I’m sure you’re really torn up about it. 🙂

Today’s post is about the more fun aspects of Classcraft – though the whole game is definitely fun. We’re going to look at two parts in particular that my kids really, really enjoy. First up is the Random Event.

These. Are. The. Bomb. My kids beg for the Random Event if I’ve forgotten to do it. Like everything else in Classcraft, Random Events can be customized for your classroom. There are a bunch of preset events set by the game creators but you can go in and add your own. The picture below shows some of the Random Events I’ve created or were preset and you can see how you can edit or add your own!

It’s fun to do the Random Event at the beginning of class. Anything can happen in a Random Event. Some of my favorites (and my students’) are the one where people lose HP or everyone gains AP. There’s one where one random student gains 1000 XP. There’s one where you call a random student “butterfly” for the rest of the period. The kids really like that one.

When it comes up, it looks like the above picture. There’s a title and a description and then it says what it does. This is one I created to help out the person with the lowest HP on each team. (Who can tell me where the quote comes from?) Random Events are definitely a lot of fun, a great way to shake things up, and the kids always beg for more!! Seriously. Sometimes we do more than one random event!! The kids love it.

The second fun aspect of Classcraft are the Boss Battles. I think you have to have a premium account to really get into the nitty-gritty of Boss Battles but even what you can do with the free version is awesome!! It’s a great way to review!

Boss Battles are much like many formative review games you might find. You input questions – they can be short answer or multiple choice) – and the students battle a boss!! There are several different bosses to choose from (again, I think that might be in the premium version).

You can set it to battle individual students or teams and the computer will randomly choose students. If the student gets it right, they inflict damage on the Boss. Sometimes they miss and sometimes they score critical hits! You always set up the Battle so that there are more questions than the Boss has HP – meaning that even if the students miss a few, they still could theoretically beat the Boss. If the student misses the question, then they lose HP. The Boss can also miss or score a critical hit.

It’s pretty self-explanatory but the students love it. You can also set rewards for winning, such as GP (if you have premium) and XP. It’s a great way for the students to review and have fun doing it!! My students love the Boss Battles and actually try to get  questions right, especially if they are low on HP.

So that’s it for these two awesome aspects of Classcraft. I hope you’re enjoying the series and maybe enjoying Classcraft right along with us! Be sure to tune in next Wednesday – I promise to be on time next week – and enjoy part 4! Sound off in the comments as always!

For now, that’s a wrap!!