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Spring Fever is Here – Thank God for APs

I don’t know about you but my students have Spring Fever to the extreme! It seems like just this past week alone (coming off of Spring Break, when they should have gotten all nice and rested and ready to finish the year out strong) has brought out the crazy in these kiddos!! 

Last Monday, I talked about how great it is to have an amazing principal. And it is, don’t get me wrong. I’m very lucky to have the principal that I have. But, equally important, is the need for great vice principals. Sit back and let me tell you why…

First, a bit of backstory. My school has an assistant principal for each grade. We just started this last year – my first 3 1/2 years, we had just 2 assistant principals. No biggie. Last year, we added a 3rd AP and so now each grade level has their own AP. This year, we lost our 7th grade AP (he moved, we didn’t misplace him or anything…) and gained a new, awesome AP from Chicago. He even gives me furniture for flexible seating!! Because he’s that awesome. My 6th grade AP is quite amazing and we love her to death. But she had knee surgery in December and was out through March so we had an interim and looked forward to the day that our AP would return.

Her return was pushed to after Spring Break.

Her return was pushed to June.

What were we to do without our beloved AP? This was the question that all of us 6th grade teachers wondered as we headed off to Spring Break. Our students were going a little bit crazy. There was girl drama everywhere you looked. Bullying was running rampant. Morale was a bit low and frustration was at an all-time high. Still, we enjoyed our Spring Break and came back ready to hit the ground running – and find out the plan for the rest of the year.

7th and 8th grade APs to the RESCUE!!! Our amazingly awesome, insanely fantastic Mr. A and Mrs. L came to our rescue and divided the 6th grade between them. And. It. Has. Been. Amazing. (For us. I’m not sure about for them.)

These two APs – who are still dealing with their own grades and responsibilities – have shown us in the 6th grade just how awesome they are. They’ve been great all year, of course, and we already loved them, but they’re just proving to us how insanely awesome they are. They jumped right in this week!! My team’s new AP, Mrs. L, even came to our team meeting on Tuesday and we were able to talk about some of our “high flier” kids when it came to discipline. Mr. A and Mrs. L showed us this week that they are 100% behind us (unless we do something stupid, of course, and then that’s our own fault) and are committed to helping us survive these last six weeks.

Like I said, Spring Fever is rampant with the sixers at my school. Poor Mrs. L has had to deal with a lot just from my team this week. I wrote a child up for sleeping in class (a repeat offender and a whole other story), wrote another one up for general misbehaving, stopped a fight in the restroom that then carried on back to my classroom resulting in a verbal altercation, gave up on being the hallway Nazi insisting students actually get to class on time, and questioned my sanity at every turn.

But I think that even the worst Spring Fever can be tolerated when you’ve got a great administrative team at your back. Mine’s pretty awesome. My principal, Mr. B, is incredible. Our APs, Mr. A and Mrs. L, are out-of-this-world. Our regular 6th grade AP, Mrs. W, is the bomb-diggity. No matter how tough the students are and how difficult the parents can be, I am in no way anxious to leave my current school – and that’s because of the administration. 

^^^very appropriate. Applies to APs too! 🙂 

So how about you? Are you lucky enough to have amazing administration? If not, you should come to my school!! What do you think about APs and Ps? Important? Not important? As always, sound off in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you!! 

I think next Monday, I’ll take a look at fellow teachers and how important relationships with your colleagues are! So stay tuned!!

For now…that’s a wrap!!