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For the Love of a Book, Week 13

Welcome back to my favorite series, all about books that are awesome! I love books. In two weeks, there’s a “First Thursday” book sale from our local library system and I am so pumped. I love buying books and I especially love getting new books for my classroom.

Today, though, I’m going to leave my typical ‘what book am I recommending this week’ format and talk about something that’s on my mind lately. So hang on and feel free to chime in.

I believe that books for young adults and even middle-grades are becoming more and more inappropriate. I am constantly worried about the level of ‘adult’ content that we are exposing our children and students to. Now, granted, there are definitely authors out there who can still pen a wonderful novel for children and young adults that is perfectly age-appropriate but these books, in my opinion, are becoming few and farther between.

For example, there’s a Book Battle competition at the Beta Club convention. Students read a certain number of books and answer questions about them. There’s a list of books for students grades 6-8. I started reading them so that I would be able to help the kids. I was shocked to find that one of the books was full of profanity! And not just a ‘damn’ here and there or a ‘hell’ but s**t and b***h and f**k all over the place! Nearly every page had a curse word on it. And this is a book written for young adults/middle grades!! 

When did that become okay? When did we just turn a blind eye to that and allow our children to read these types of books? Another book on that list has a full-on make-out session in a scene that leads to the two characters making out in the bed. When did that become okay for our students to read? 

Do you agree with me? Do you think I’m overreacting? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sound off in the comments below! 

For now, that’s a wrap!