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Poker Face

Sorry that I’ve fallen off the wagon these past few weeks. The beginning of school has been rough and then we had a hurricane (well, not really) and it’s just been crazy. Plus, we all know how I am with blogging…and making promises to ‘do better’ and still epically failing. This time, I’m just going to make a promise to try harder to do better. That’s about all I can do right now.

Today, I want to talk to you about poker faces. And not the Lady GaGa song that’s now stuck in my head (and the only part I know is the Poker Face part) but the fact that, as a teacher, you really need a good poker face. You can’t let anything get to you or have any kind of inappropriate reaction to anything.

I have a horrible poker face. My emotions show on my face as soon as I think them. And the more dumb I think something is (like not being able to control yourself in a classroom), the more likely I am to laugh or grin. Now, I try really, really hard to keep a straight face when handing out consequences and I’m usually successful but there are those moments when I just can’t help it. Like when a student had a literal meltdown in class because someone accidentally took the cup he was using in a simulation. Or when a student came out to me in tears because another student killed a cricket. In those situations, I was not very successful in hiding a grin. Because really…a cricket? A cup? Come on. Get a grip.

This is something that I am constantly working on. I know that I shouldn’t let my emotions, especially when they don’t fit the situation, show. As a new teacher, this should be something you focus on and always keep in mind. A straight face is a tool every teacher should have in their toolkit, whether it’s perfect or not.

How’s your poker face? Do you struggle with keeping a straight face, like I do? Or is your face basically a blank slab? I’d love to hear tips and ideas on how to perfect the poker face! Sound off in the comments. 

For now…that’s a wrap!