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Did You Know You Were a Ringmaster?

So you’re a teacher, right? (Hopefully you are, if you’re reading this blog). When you went into teaching, did you know that you’d be required to wear many hats and juggle many things? Or did you, as most of us do, think that your job was to get up in front of the students and teach your content, maybe throw a band-aid on a skinned knee every now and then, and give out some hugs? 

I’m sure you know better now.

If you’re a good teacher, then you probably wear many hats at school. You may teach seventh grade ELA but you may also advise the yearbook. Perhaps you’re also the go-to person when there is a teacher out with no sub and the rosters need to be split. Or maybe you’re the one they come to when there’s no one to sell tickets at a baseball game and they know you’ll do it because you can’t say no (I don’t speak from experience, of course). Physically, teachers are jugglers of all sorts of things. It’s important to make sure that you aren’t juggling more than you can handle. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it here again – you don’t have to say ‘yes’ to everything. You’re going to probably wear more than one hat but you don’t need to be that guy who has a hundred hats. 

Trust me. I used to be that guy over there on the right who tried to teach, be team leader, help when there was no sub, and advise both yearbook AND Beta Club. I found myself stretched too far and had to give something up. Even just giving up the yearbook made my life so much more balanced and I could focus on doing a few things well rather than a lot of things badly. Think about it!

Because, as teachers, we are also not only juggling physical things like teaching and clubs and selling tickets. We are also called upon to be therapists and shoulders to cry on. We may be the only kind voice heard by a student that day. Our classroom may be the only spot they feel safe enough to share their troubles. It is our job to always be there for the students even if we aren’t sure we can be.

Teaching isn’t a one-ring circus. It’s not even a three-ring circus. It’s an entire carnival where you’re rushing from one booth to another sometimes, desperately trying to cover all your bases and be in multiple places at once. It’s a commitment. That’s why teachers are basically superheroes.