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Counting Down the Mondays With the Four R’s: Week 2

I know, I know…it’s Tuesday, not Monday. What am I playing at? Why on Earth would I post Week 2 of a Monday blog series on a Tuesday? Well, it’s because I ran out of time. I started my new part-time job at the animal shelter yesterday and did two adoption events over the weekend so I just flat ran out of time. But I’m here today with the second R in our series: Remember.

At this time of year, as the days of summer are looming, it is important to take time to remember the good things that happened this year. It’s easy as educators to get focused on the negative or the bad. It’s easy to get bogged down in thinking about what didn’t work and how it can be improved upon. However, it is also super important to remember that good moments did happen. It’s those moments that keep you going and help you to want to return to the classroom next year.

I recommend keeping a “smile” folder. Ever since my first year as a teacher, I have kept a folder in my drawer. Every time a funny email comes across my desk or a kid draws me a picture, I put it in the folder. Then, when things aren’t going well, I can flip through my smiles folder and remember the moments that keep me going. When I’ve dealt with an angry parent or a disrespectful kid, I can look at the drawings of unicorns and laugh.

So that’s my advice for this week – take time to remember the good things. They’re what make the job worth it!