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A New Year … Some New Goals …

Not only a New Year but a New Decade!

Everyone knows that when the New Year comes around, you make New Year’s Resolutions (that you may or may not keep). Some people say they’re going to budget. Others vow to exercise. There are those who want to start a new job or finish college. Everyone’s goals are different and it’s always a good idea to have goals – whether you start them on New Year’s or on January 21. Or even in July. Seriously, just have some goals.

I, personally, have set a few goals for myself this year. Mine are more of the practical type and I’m not pretending that I won’t hit a few roadblocks or stumble as I pursue these goals. But I figure that since one of my goals is to keep up this blog (which may or may not be a goal that I set each year and may or may not achieve), I will post a few of my goals here to hold myself accountable and, perhaps, encourage others to follow their own goals.

No goal is too big or too small!

First, I have the goal of staying on budget. I feel like this is a fairly common goal for people but it’s one that I need to work on. I’m pretty good at managing my money and keeping my savings account afloat but I need to do better at keeping track of my expenditures (a bunch of $5.15 meals at McDonald’s do add up after all) and not splurging on things I don’t need – or Christmas presents for my cat that she hasn’t touched. at. all.

Second, I intend to improve my time management. When I think about all that I have on my plate this semester, sometimes it makes me want to curl up in a corner and cry or drive my car off a cliff. I will be doing my regular job of teaching, of course, but I will also be sponsoring Beta Club (here’s looking at that Beta trip in January that I am so not prepared for), helping open the library in the morning before school, taking two library classes at Marshall plus the librarian practicum of 70 hours, doing my mobile adoptions coordinator job, and trying to finish my book. And maybe have free time. So, goodness knows I’m going to need to manage my time wisely. I already have my planner for this year (shameless plug for Blue Sky planners) and have already filled in a bunch of the boxes. I’m a little worried about all that I’m undertaking this semester so it is going to be more important than ever that I prioritize my time and stop mindlessly surfing Facebook…

Time to be on Time!

My third goal is to become healthy. This is another goal that I set, I think, every single year and don’t always conform to. But, having dealt with a lot of medical issues in the fall and seeing my weight balloon up to a point that I never wanted it to be at, I have decided that enough is enough. I plan to do a Whole30 in February because I’m not good at saying “Well, I’ll just eat out less” or “Well, I’ll just have one sweet on Saturdays.” If I want to change, I have to go all-in. I also want to exercise more, whether that is on the elliptical at 4:45 in the morning or walking my neighborhood in the evenings. This is going to be the year I get in shape! Hoo-rah!

The fourth goal is one that I’ve already started and stuck to (granted, we are only 5 days into 2020) but it’s one that I am very committed to. I want to write 1,000 words a day. That may seem like not a lot to some but, as I’ve already pointed out, I have a lot going on this spring. I need a goal that is attainable. And I’ve already finished two killer chapters in 2020 so that’s a good start, right?

Author Goals!

Finally, my last goal ties in pretty well with the fourth goal. I want this to be the year that I actively pursue building my platform, marketing, and trying to build up a fan base for my book. The book is done (mostly) and I think it has a real chance at being a good-selling book. I just need to build up that platform, get my name out there and go from there. To that end, I am really going to focus on this blog and blogging at least once a week. I’d love to commit to 2x a week but I’m being realistic. I plan to focus on my Instagram and I want to start a Podcast. So we’ll see how that all goes.

And that’s it for my goals! If you haven’t set your own goals yet, it’s not too late! And, if you’ve already fallen off the New Year’s Resolutions bandwagon, it’s not too late to get back on (seriously, I heard the lady on the radio say at 3:30 on January 1 that if you’d already fallen off, you could start over – but let’s hope you hadn’t fallen off that quickly). I’d love to hear about your New Year’s Resolutions and feel free to help keep me accountable on mine!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Make it a great one!