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Following the Yellow Brick Road

Perhaps it will lead you where you are meant to go.

I always swear I am going to do better about posting. And I do, for a week or two. Then life gets busy or I get tired or … well, the excuses are plentiful. So I’m not making any promises or anything today, just doing an update on the job hunt. For the one reader who reads this blog and cares. 🙂

I’ve previously posted about the first two interviews I had and the rejections that came from both of those. I also talked about the application I put in for an Intermediate school (way outside my comfort zone). Since that time, I actually have interviewed twice more.

My third interview was for another middle school in my district, Woodmont Middle. It’s on the farthest “outskirts” of the district and approximately 40 minutes from my house but I decided to apply anyway. If you want evidence of how small a world we live in, my friend’s mom is actually the Media Clerk there, my cousin used to work with the principal when she taught at his school, and a former teacher coworker of mine used to teach there and is friends with the admin. Six Degrees of Separation, anyone? In talking with my friend’s Mom – the Media Clerk – I got very excited about the possibility. The principal was actually looking for someone new to the profession (aka me) and wanting someone to spruce up a stagnant program. Hello, me! The school demographics were also very similar to my own school.

Since I had to prepare a presentation for my interview with the Intermediate School, I tweaked it and prepared it for the Woodmont interview as well. I even delved into the world of Bitmoji and created a Google Slides presentation with my Bitmoji and a virtual library full of clickable items that linked to things in my digital portfolio. Yeah. I’m that cool.

Come on. You know that’s cool..

On the day of the virtual interview, I was excited and confident. Then the interview was only with the Instructional Coach and I didn’t even get to do my presentation. Bummer. However, she told me I’d done a good job and that they’d be in touch probably next week about second round interviews with the principal.

I usually put this cart before the horse…

Well, now I was all optimistic. I’m well known to put the cart before the horse and I started thinking ahead. What if Woodmont offered me the job before I had the Inman Intermediate interview? Could I tell Woodmont I needed to wait and let them know? Did I just accept Woodmont because everyone knows a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? Decisions, decisions!


The very next day, I got a form email letting me know I did not get the Woodmont job. That was it. I didn’t even get to meet the principal and show her how awesome I was. I cried. I vented. Decided I just wasn’t meant to be a Media Specialist. Cried some more.

I was not a happy camper.

But I soldiered on. Inman Intermediate was most likely my last hope. It was now mid-May. Contracts had been submitted. Most principals knew if their Media Specialists weren’t coming back. I tweaked, adjusted, perfected, and practiced my presentation. It was killer.

The day of the Inman interview, I put on a different outfit. Maybe that’d do the trick. I had my interview, presented my presentation, and blew away the interviewers. They were all impressed with my presentation and I knew I’d done well. They even asked if I’d be able to get out of my contract if they hired me. That’s a good sign, right? I was told I’d hear something within a week or two and that, either way, I’d definitely hear back.

My hopes climbed again. After all, I’d nailed that interview, no doubt about it. It had been my best one yet. And they’d said it could be up to two weeks so I just went on with life and tried not to think about it (yeah, right).

The interview was on a Monday. That Friday, the Media Specialist at my school called me.

She’d also interviewed for the Inman job (which was totally unknown to me).

And they’d hired her.

What. the. heck.

At first, I was like “umm, you took my job?” Then it all clicked for me.

She was leaving Greer, my school.

My school would need a new librarian.

There was a chance I could achieve my dream of being a Media Specialist and stay at my home. Stay with my teacher friends. Stay with my Beta kids.

I immediately texted my principal that I was interested in the job and she said she’d thought that news would make me happy and she’d let me know when it was available. Then I called my mom, my best friend, and my aunts who had helped me prepare my presentation.

Hope blossomed.

A week later, my principal called me and asked me, all nonchalant like, what my vision for the library was and how I saw the library changing depending on if we were eLearning again in the fall. I answered as best I could even though she’d caught me off guard. Luckily, my phone reception was good at the time.

Then, she told me that she didn’t have to interview for the position and could transfer me into the Media Center if I wanted the job. Did I want the job?

Hmmm … let me think about it.

Of course, I wanted the job! I took it on the spot.

Then I had to wait over two weeks before I could tell any of my coworkers even though our media Specialist sent out her “I’m leaving” email. But you best believe that I was working on a new website for the library and reading all sorts of professional development books.

And now, as I look back on the journey, I can only say that God worked it all out the way it was meant to be. Never in a million years did I think our Media Specialist would leave Greer. That’s why, even though I had no desire to leave myself, I interviewed elsewhere. I was sure I would get each job I interviewed for. I didn’t. Each time I got “rejected” I got a little more dejected (like that rhyme I did there?).

But now, as I reflect, I realize my Yellow Brick Road was leading me to Oz all along, thanks to my God behind the Curtain.

God led me to where I am today.