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Trial By Fire

Nothing Like Just Diving In!

School officially starts on Monday, at least for teachers. As of right now, students will start on August 24. They may come one day a week. They might come two. They could come none. No one even knows. But that’s a whole other blog post. Today’s post focuses on the work I’ve been doing for the past two weeks without getting paid.

My new role as librarian is not what I was expecting it to be. And I know that it’ll get better once things are figured out and the Chromebooks are distributed and my aide is back in the library because she knows all the things. But boy, oh boy, it’s been a struggle.

Perhaps my visions of rainbows and lollipops were misplaced. I thought I was going to come in, change around shelving to make it more user-friendly, update the signage, come up with a kick-butt bulletin board, etc., etc., etc. Nope. The unicorns and rainbows have not yet arrived.

Instead, I feel as though I have been thrown into the cockpit of a plane that is crashing and told to figure out how to save it before it hits the ground, killing everyone on board. And Chris Hemsworth is on board. So is Chris Pine. And Chris Evans. All the Chris’. If I don’t save this plane, all the hottest Hollywood guys will die. Violently.

We’re going down!!

That’s enough to throw the anxiety into overdrive, right?

So far this summer, I have fielded questions about technology issues. I have learned how to put in “tickets” for technology fixes. I’ve been asked about the poster printer and I still have no idea how to work that. Chromebooks arrived and I spent two full days (without pay, mind you) scanning all.of.them into the system – thank goodness for wonderful teacher friends who will help a sister out. My office is full of carts and tables and boxes because we have to find places to store a gazillion desks so we can social distance and those places are my A/V room and my green screen room. The library itself is in total disarray. And, if you saw my house, you’d think that a little clutter and chaos wouldn’t bother me but at work, it does. So I almost have a panic attack when I have to squeeze past carts to get to my desk. And then someone will ask me about the orientation of the reading app on Sora and I don’t know the answer and I feel bad because I can’t help them … and the cycle continues.

I know it will all settle down. I know that at some point, I will be glad I have this job and I will be able to do the fun things I have in mind. I know that I am meant to be in this job. I know that everything has led me to this point.

Until that moment when everything clicks and life goes back to normal (I’m looking at you, COVID-19), I will just keep on doing the best I can and hope I’m fulfilling everyone’s expectations.

And, hey, I’ve already survived my first laminator jam. Even though all I did was google “how to unjam the laminator” and tell everyone that the first step is not to panic, I still chalk that up as a librarian win and a sign that everything will work itself out.