Michelle Higdon as the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year

Michelle Higdon is a sixth-grade Social Studies teacher. She teaches students about Ancient Civilizations and makes learning fun through mummifying potatoes and dressing up in period attire. In 2018, Michelle was elected Teacher of the Year – and she’d been teaching for only five years! Of course, this nomination came with a lot of paperwork but it was worth it. Michelle also sponsors the Beta Club and is known as the ID Nazi to the students.

In her free time, Michelle works part-time at her local animal shelter as a Mobile Adoptions Coordinator. Her job is to get the pups adopted (and she’s pretty good at it). She also writes, helps new teachers get their feet wet, and scrolls Instagram. Oh, and binge watches The Amazing Race and Arrow. Never underestimate a good Netflix show!

Michelle’s passion is to help new teachers navigate the tricky waters of education. There are so many things that new teachers aren’t prepared for. College education programs spend too much time on pedagogy and not enough time enlightening teachers on what to do in a tornado drill (and how to avert your eyes from all the butt showing). In her book, It’s a Teacher Thing: How to Survive and Thrive in the First Five Years, Michelle offers practical advice to new teachers, while also providing ancedotal, real-life stories that both new and veteran teachers will laugh at and relate to.

So if you’re a new teacher or an aspiring teacher, Michelle would love to help you on your journey! Check out the blog, follow her on Instagram (@tales_of_a_sixth_grade_teacher), and ask any questions using the contact form!